• Magnetic Particle Unit ErMag 1000
  • Rollers for Parts to Rotate
  • Magnetic Particle Unit ErMag 1800
  • Control Panel. ErMag 1000
  • Magnetic Particle Unit ErMag 3000
  • Control Panel. ErMag 3000

Flaw Detectors of ErMag Series

Magnetic particle units, ErMag series, manufactured by ActiveTestGroup (Russia) are designed for nondestructive magnetic particle inspection of parts made from ferrous materials or ferromagnetic alloys of any length and diameter and provide detection of surface and subsurface, longitudinal and transverse defects.

  • 18 different magnetization modes;
  • Dynamic stability of current;
  • 8 different demagnetization modes;
  • Frequency of circular demagnetization current: 50 Hz 0,5-1 Hz.
ErMag 1000 ErMag 1800 ErMag 3000

Semi-automatic and automatic magnetic particle units of ErMag series have all standard components required for magnetic particle inspection:

  • Clamping devices with a pneumatic drive to create current of circular magnetization;
  • Fixed and movable sliding rollers for placing parts of various diameters;
  • Suspension system with demagnetization function and device for automatic suspension mixing;
  • Longitudinally magnetized coil;
  • Manual and automatic way of sprinkling an inspected part with magnetic suspension;
  • Power cabinet (its elements are optional);
  • Control panel with the function of manual or automatic system control;
  • Touch screen;
  • Light source.