Non-contact Magnetization

ErMag 3DStationary magnetic particle inspection unit ErMag 3D was designed for touchless 3D magnetizing similar to a combination of longitudinal and circular magnetization of small (size less than 300 mm) objects by means of rotating magnet field which  provides conditions for any oriented flows detection.

The unit allows the processing of parts with a magnetic particle suspension both during magnetization (applied field method) and at the end of the magnetization process (residual field method).

ErMag 3D  allows high-performance detection of surface and subsurface defects - cracks, hairlines, lack of penetration, flokens, tears and other material discontinuities.

The flaw detector parameters meet the requirements of GOST R 56512-2015 and GOST R 53700-2009 (allow to provide a sensitivity class “A”, “B” or “C” according to GOST 21105 and RTM 1.2A.020-2011 depending on the surface condition of the part being monitored) .

The ErMag 3D magnetic particle flaw detector is a modern analogue of the Soviet MDS-1.5 series magnetic particle flaw detectors.