• SMPI 426/1420, ErMag series
  • Inspection of Pipes of Various Types
  • System of Magnetic Particle Inspection of Pipe Ends, ErMag series
  • Front Panel of Control Station. SMPI of ErMag series

Systems of Magnetic Particle Inspection of Pipe Ends

Systems of magnetic particle inspection of pipe ends (SMPI) 426/1 420 ErMag series manufactured by ActiveTestGroup (Russia) used at production line of longitudinal electric welded trunk line pipes to inspect the ends of trunk line pipes Ø 426-1420 mm and detect surface defects (laminations, cracks) of any directions.

Inspection areas: bevel, bearing face, outer and inner cylindrical surface at a distance of 200 mm from the pipe ends.

System parameters:

  • magnetization: circular, longitudinal and radial;
  • magnetizing current - alternate 50 Hz;
  • magnetization field: from 2.5 to 4.8 kA / m;
  • smooth current regulation mode in the entire range;
  • digital recording of the amplitude value;
  • current presetting;
  • automatic sustension of the current value with an accuracy of 5%;
  • generator power - 32 kVA;
  • built-in temperature gage;
  • magnetization start by means of control panel or automatically.

The system consists of two identical control stations, each of which comprises:

  • frame with a tray;
  • trolleys with a system of magnetic circuits and a control panel;
  • darkening booth;
  • suspension system;
  • power cabinet;
  • PC;
  • snapshot camera;
  • a source of UV emission;
  • printer.

Compliance to GAZPROM: СТО Газпром 2‑3.7‑050‑2006 (DNV‑OS‑F101) and TRANSNEFT:   ОТТ‑23.040.00‑КТН‑135‑15 ISO 10893‑5:2011 standards.