ScanMaster Systems (Israel) – the world leader in the design and manufacture of automated ultrasonic systems that successfully operate in a wide variety of industries. Each system of ScanMaster Systems has a number of core modules that are integrated into specific configurations of application, providing the best solution to meet specific needs and relevant industry standards. These modules include advanced industrial digital ultrasonic equipment, mechanical control systems, precision motion control and production-oriented software packages.

СOMET AG (Switzerland) – the company for almost 70 years has been developing and manufacturing innovative high-tech systems, components, providing services in the field of X-ray and e-beam technologies. Metal ceramic X-ray tubes for NDT applications made by COMET AG are used by leading x-ray source manufacturers worldwide. X-ray sources of XRS series have been mainstream due to their high reliability and wide range of energies. The high-frequency generators of the iVario series - appeared to replace XRP - are designed in accordance with strict technical requirements and applicable for any type of radiography.

ATG s.r.o. (the Czech Republic) – since 1992, company has been offering comprehensive solutions for PT and MT equipment suitable for all industries, conducting audits, providing a full range of qualification and certification services for technical personnel (training in Russian and English) on all non-destructive inspection methods, consulting on Nadcap audit preparation.

ESA plating s.r.o. (the Czech Republic) – the engineering company that specializes on design and implementation of complex solutions for surface treatment. Company primary activity is development of galvanic lines for the application of any types of galvanic-chemical coatings and equipment of different levels of automation for surface treatment. It includes design and manufacture of industrial wastewater treatment systems. A special place in the company's activity occupies preliminary surface treatment of parts before penetrant testing.

GALATEK a.s. (the Czech Republic) - since 1990 company focuses on producing machines and equipment according to European quality standards and supplying complete plants, painting facilities and production lines for surface treatment to a wide range of clients. A stable and well-coordinated team of employees with many years of experience guarantees a wide range of activities including selecting and monitoring of technological process, drafting and approval of the project documentation, development and design of equipment, production and installation with training of maintenance personnel, as well as comprehensive technical and commercial services with guaranteed on-time service and technological consulting.

VisiConsult X-Ray Systems&Solutions GmbH (Germany) – an expert in the field of standard and specialized X-ray systems and guaranteed after-sales service of the highest quality. Unmatched technical solutions and an excellent service network worldwide are the result of more than 25 years of experience in the field of security and non-destructive testing in various industries.

Control Mesure Systemes (CMS) (France) – company with more than 30 years of experience in design, development and production of equipment for eddy current non-destructive inspection of metallurgical and metalworking products, as well as steel, automotive and nuclear industries.

"LOCUS" Ltd. (Russia) - since 2011 the company has been supplying equipment and services in the field of non-destructive testing. Deep specialization in design and manufacture of equipment for quality and geometric parameters inspection of composite parts is an identifying feature of "LOCUS" Ltd.