• КАМА. FPI All-in-VAC Technology
  • KAMA - Automated System for FPI
  • PT System, KAMA Series

Automated Systems KAMA

ActiveTestGroup offers an innovative FPI All-in-VAC technology and system series named KAMA, which allows performing all PT operations in sequence in one sealed chamber. Automated process provides highly efficient performance, sensitivity, reliability and repeatability of inspection and its results. More.

FPI All-in-VAC technology is the main step towards upgrading the non-destructive liquid penetrant inspection system, which is achieved by providing:

  1. replacement of obsolete and warn-out equipment;
  2. liquid penetrant inspection parts made from steel and non-ferrous alloys at levels of sensitivity 4 (ultra-high) and 3(high) in accordance with ASTM E 1417;
  3. maximum automatization of the technological process and automatic recording with the possibility of archiving its parameters;
  4. possibility to locate whole system in a limited space without additional investments;
  5. inspection performance with a cycle time from 40 minutes;
  6. safety of production and implementation of LEAN-technology.