• Portable Device for Spot Weld Inspection
  • UT PA System for Pipe Inspection, AS-series
  • Squirter-Based Inspection System
  • Automated UT System, LS-series
  • Immersion Tank of UT System
  • UT System for Railroad, AS-220 series
  • Flatbed UT System
  • Automated Squirter Based Inspection System
  • Flatbed system for Flat Parts or Parts of Moderate Curvature Inspection
  • Immersion System LS-200b
  • UT System for Round and Square Bar Inspection
  • DS-200PL - System for Plate Inspection
  • UT/Pro - New Generation of Spot Weld Inspection Device
  • High Efficiency UT System for Bearing Inspection
  • UT System, LFS-300
  • UT System for Welded Pipes

Ultrasonic Inspection

Jet Engine Components   Aero Structure Components
Billets and Bars   Aluminum and Titanum Plates
Bearings Inspection   Large Forgings
Pipe Systems   Railways Systems
SpotWeld Systems   Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
Ultrasound Camera System for Inspection of CFRP   Special Instrumentation