• Portable Device for Spot Weld Inspection
  • UT PA System for Pipe Inspection, AS-series
  • Squirter-Based Inspection System
  • Automated UT System, LS-series
  • Immersion Tank of UT System
  • UT System for Railroad, AS-220 series
  • Flatbed UT System
  • Automated Squirter Based Inspection System
  • Flatbed system for Flat Parts or Parts of Moderate Curvature Inspection
  • Immersion System LS-200b
  • UT System for Round and Square Bar Inspection
  • DS-200PL - System for Plate Inspection
  • UT/Pro - New Generation of Spot Weld Inspection Device
  • High Efficiency UT System for Bearing Inspection
  • UT System, LFS-300
  • UT System for Welded Pipes


喷气发动机组件   航空结构的部件
钢坯和棒材   铝和钛板
轴承系统   超大锻造
管和板   铁轨, 轮子, 轮轴
超声点焊检测设备   超声波探伤仪
为 CFRP 材料的非破坏检测超音相机设备   特别仪器