About Company

Limited Company “ActiveTestGroup” was established in Saint-Petersburg in 2010 and proved itself as a reliable, competent engineering company that supplies equipment, consumables and services for nondestructive testing and surface treatment.

By focusing its attention on complex system projects, over the years, ActiveTestGroup has successfully implemented dozens of projects, each of which was individual. The uniqueness of the projects, strict requirements of customers, the professionalism of the business partners and the existence of an uncompromising competitive environment enabled ActiveTestGroup to form a balanced team with each employee being a professional in one’s field.

Company took the certificate of conformity to GOST ISO 9001-2011 requirements (ISO 9001:2008 "Quality management systems - Requirement") in 2014.

Limited Company “ActiveTestGroup” also joined and actively cooperates with industry and expert communities: the Association of Aero Engines Manufacturers (ASSAD), the Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics (RSNTTD) and NDT professional club "GURVICH-CLUB".

Constantly developing its competencies, following the requirements of the market, and in some cases outstripping them, ActiveTestGroup expands its capabilities by adding new equipment and services to the product and service portfolio.

Thanks to the development of the company's own production, new brands of equipment appeared on the Russian market: system for geometric parameter measurement - equipment for magnetic particle inspection, which combines the experience of leading European developers with the company's own innovations. In 2015 ActiveTestGroup received a patent on an automated system  for liquid penetrant inspection with the use of the innovative  technology.

Catalogue ActiveTestGroup.

By conducting an active mutually enriching dialogue with its partners, ActiveTestGroup increases its share in production cooperation and develops adjacent technologies, offering complete solutions for surface treatment before the PT in complex with automated liquid penetrant testing lines.

Past years and accumulated experience determine the main priorities of ActiveTestGroup - honesty, reliability, development.

ActiveTestGroup consistently realizes its goals - satisfaction of any, even the most ambitious needs of Customers and the restitution of professional respect to the Russian engineering school.